Ground Hog Day

Well, for a while, the Council Officers were genuinely interested in coming to an understanding with our community rather than trying to socially engineer the area. The FCA team had a very positive first meeting with the Chief Executive Ian Lowrie; Chief Legal Officer Jeremy Cook; Peter Latham whose close and long involvement with all aspects of the Dome is well known; Nathalie Brahma-Pearl serene in her superiority, plus two councillors sent as observers,  We all agreed to hold a series of meetings, split into two strands. The first to explore how we could work together develop the Dome site for the good of the community, the second to put on the table all the issues that had poisoned relations between the Community Association and the Local Authority over the years, and to try to learn the lessons so that future projects could be managed better..

  • The CRUNCH

    This evening March 31 at the Shoreham Civic Centre, the Cabinet will consider the Association’s proposal to repair and complete the Fishersgate Community Centre. Jim Plant, the Association’s surveyor who has produced the plans and development costings, Peter Averillo, the Association’s chair and Ricky Daniel, from the Project Development Committee, will present the Proposal and answer Members’ questions.

  • This time, it’s for REAL

    In 1997 the long established Fishersgate Community Association and the nationally successful Fishersgate Community Sports Club, came together to develop the ambitious Dome Project – a combined Community and Sports Centre designed to provide the space and the facilities to deliver a wide range of services, and leisure and sporting opportunities to the Fishersgate community.

Examining the new proposal

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